Swing When You're Winning

Pretty high on life today - after my shoot yesterday, which was such a buzz to pull together. There's not much can go wrong when you find a great team to work with.

I can't express to you how much I love shooting, I would do it if I wasn't paid, if no one saw my images - even if the results were just terrible - it's just the thing that makes me happiest. Maybe one day I'll get tired of it, but I'm grateful to have it for now… and if that day ever comes where it doesn't inspire me anymore, I'm gonna be on a quest for the next thing. It'll probably be cooking. I think I'm a dormant feeder.

So here's an outfit I wore to Aussie fashion week. Who doesn't love a good trench coat huh? This one just falls in all the right ways.

pics, Jessica Stein - editing, me

dress, Lisa Marie Fernandez

trench, Ginger and Smart

bag, Emm Kuo

bracelets, ring and necklace, Amber Sceats

sunglasses, Spektre

shoes, Mode Collective