Sun Lover

It's a sun celebration!!

I've been really inspired by my friend Angelica Blick lately… is it right to say you look up to someone even if they are younger than you? Angelica somehow finds the time to post 2-3 times a day. Thats not to say every post is a full on fashion editorial - but it's all interesting - and then when she does do an editorial the quality is absolutely beautiful. I have a load of bloggers sitting on my bookmark bar and I find myself clicking her blog most frequently for the obvious reason, she's always updating. I always get to check in on a part of her life. Like a proper stalker haha! I really admire her tenacity and dedication to quality. She's well researched and relentless!

So for myself, I've been trying to sit back a little and find ways to make new and interesting content, something creative, something personal - and some more fashion content. I don't like to include details of my personal life on my blog but that doesn't mean I can't give as much of my personality as possible. So I gotta ask what kind of content you all like the best - and what you would like to me to include in the future? Personally, my favourite content is the stuff where I've really put in alot of creative work - but it seems that outfit posting is always the kind of post that gets the most engagement… does that mean you all prefer to see less of my photoshoots and more of yours truly (surely not!?!).  How about more behind the scenes sort of stuff? I usually dislike that kinda thing but that's probably because I've been working in the industry for 10 years and it tends to feel a bit samey. If you all find it interesting then I can throw some in the mix no worries!

So this is a weird picture huh? I just got creative the other day during a spate of procrastination, I wanted to practise some techniques I thought I could employ for editorial work. But don't you feel ready for summer!!! I know I do. I've spent a good chunk of time in Northern Europe over the winter and its dark and cold. I don't mind it - and the truth is - I'm not a fan of really hot summers. Being in Europe is magical in the summer, when its forever sunlight and the temperature is so perfect for human conditions. Feels so right! So I'm counting down. I've noticed the trees gaining new leaves here in Stockholm so thats a buzz. Kinda disappointed to be in Sydney for most of April because thats when the most dramatic change will occur. Loving spring!

Anyway, that second pic is a little detail from where I'm currently sitting - here in Arlanda airport headed to Belgium via Amsterdam. It's all about the journey hey? I just wish the damn journey could bypass the all damn hours stuck in airports….

shoes, Nike Air Max (from JD Sports)

bag, Emm Kuo