London Fashion Week Streetstyle Part 3

The effortless looks of Fashion Week attendees in London.


Having a bit of a bittersweet day today here in Stockholm, I'm heading back to Australia tomorrow and for the first time ever it's not really feeling like I'm heading back home. I just love Europe! I'm the kind of person who has never feared change, rather, I have to have it! I love feeling like my life is constantly evolving and there's always something new in my future - so I don't really want to go back to Sydney this time! But I need to, for work and to tie up a million loose ends and arrange visas. Guess a little warmth won't kill me huh? I'm in Sydney for just over a week then a quick flight back to Europe for a job - then returning for Aussie fashion week! Now thats an event on my calendar that I'm really excited about! Really looking forward to getting seeing all my friends in a place I know well. Aussie fashion week always runs smoothly for me!

Anyway - sharing some more pics from LFW -  some celebs and my bloggers buddies Andy, Marie and Sania!

Hope you like!