This Old Thing

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” ― Coco Chanel

pics, Rebecca

Dragged up from the ages! I found this outfit post from Stockholm, shot at the end of August. One of the reasons I didn't post this was because I get a little nervous about showing skin and also that someone told me that they thought my outfit was awful - ouch!! But I've pulled these out from the depths of my hard drives because in the end - that feeble opinion is of no consequence to me - when I get dressed in the morning its a matter of instinct and I'm really not doing it for anything other than the love of styling. Sometimes I get it really wrong... and I mean WAY wrong (don't look through my blog archives...please!) but even then I own those little mistakes because thats all part of the fun. I just hope I never get caught taking myself too seriously on this matter - hooray for fashion!

top, Zara

pants, Topshop

shoes, ASOS

match necklace, Stella McCartney