2014 Style

A year of attempting to dress stylishly...

Looking back at my year of dressing...and my style tends to hop around a bit on themes don't you think? But maybe thats exactly the way it should be! I am a fan of trends in fashion but would describe myself as a woman of instinct, preferring to take style influences from all around me. Something inside me also kinda hates being part of trends that really hit the mainstream hard. As a kid I was quite the loner and prided myself in being unique, being an original rather than following the crowd. There's always an exception to the rule - but I'm never been afraid of being different. That's my favourite part of fashion and the way people dress! Everyone has their own interpretation of style, it's all about creativity. So thinking outside the box can really draw you to a winning styling combination - and don't be afraid of making a few mistakes.... Even in this summary I've failed to include a couple looks because.... What was I thinking??! Haha! No regrets though, there's no fun in taking yourself too seriously.

One of my New Years resolutions is to post more outfits, trying to get a regular schedule with them - I know you all want to see more! I'm sorry I can't get so much up! The trouble is - I'm a really low maintenance girl. I don't usually wear make-up or do my hair - so when I'm busy its scruffiness with jeans and a t-shirt. Not exactly glamourous content! Thankfully I've got wildly stylish and perpetually elegant blogger friend like Jess and Nicole who encourage me to be slightly less blasé about dressing.

Thanks again to all of your for following me, for encouraging me and driving me to push myself. Love you all!