Motorcycle Diaries

Getting on a bike and driving far far away....

Today I'm posting an editorial I shot back in June... I think. This year has run away from me!! Themed 'Motorcycle Diaries' and shot for Belgian magazine Glam*It - just outside of Antwerp... it wasn't the easy to get our desert wanderer theme happening on a cloudy Belgian day - but I hope you can see I did my darndest! Got some more photography work to share over the next few days. I love being behind the lens.

Shooting my beautiful friend Nicole Warne again today and can't wait to share those pics... and then tonight - I'm flying to Stockholm  for a whole month. I'm going to have some R&R -  I can't really catch that in Australia, I can't turn down opportunities. Looking forward to blogging for true love again - not that I don't love what I'm doing here, it's just harder to stay inspired when I'm really just so busy. Hope I can also score more chances to connect with you all too!

Photography and editing, Me

Stylist, Ellen Monstrey