Remembering NYFW

The week that was....

Doing my darndest (and kinda failing) to keep on top of content right now - but gladly found the spare time (yay 3am!) to share with you some more highlights from my Nordstrom NYFW coverage. It was quite the blur, days rolling into one - feels like I would have spent a good 15 hours sitting in taxis by the end of it. I loved having the chance to shoot in such an electric, fun filled city and hope you can see that from my pics.  If you're following me on instagram you're probably thinking my NY Knicks inspired ensemble is kinda passé by now - but it's been such a hit! So I just had to share on my blog too.  So much more of my Nordstrom coverage here on The Thread. Bloggers pictured, Carolina - Camille and Jess.

sunglasses, Tom Ford

shirt, Miss Wu for Nordstrom

shorts, Stylestalker

shoes, Mode Collective

bag, Emm Kuo