Dapper Lass

Amsterdam has a load of cats.

pics, Rebecca Laurey - editing, me

Putting up another outfit post today - though my intentions were really about my Paris photo diary - I need to dedicate a good 3-4 hours which I haven't been able to spare to complete it. Currently blogging from the train on my return from Antwerp where I spent the day shooting an editorial for a Belgian magazine. Will get home tonight - need to edit the entire shoot for a Wednesday deadline - the day I fly back to Australia, at 7am - most delightfully connecting Amsterdam - Barcelona - London - Singapore - Sydney in one monstrous hit. Don't ask. Not that I intend to complain here - cos I truly love to edit my pics. Its a really fulfilling part of the creative process - making all the colour adjustments and giving the shoot that mood that fits my vision.  Its actually quite therapeutic - and something I'm sure I'll be even better at later tonight after a relaxing glass of red wine.

As for my outfit? I'm wearing a dress! And a sleeveless one at that - a style that's like the snow leopard of my wardrobe - super rare. Snapped by my dutch sister, Rebecca, we were interrupted by the cutest cat. He had such a haughty attitude, an attribute I'm so fond of when it comes to felines. Like 'Bitch check me out - or not - I don't care. Meow!'

shoes and dress, COS

clutch, Nomadic 

trench, Ruby Sees All

sunglasses, Nick Campbell