This is Paris

Look I'm a big french bird!

pics, Nicole Warne - editing, me

I couldn't resist finally getting around to posting some content from Paris - I still have loads of pics left over from Spain - but wanted to share these regardless. Screw continuity! These pics are special to me - not for the images themselves, but for what happened directly afterwards. Nicole and I were hunting for spots to shoot our outfits around the Eiffel tower that weren't crawling with tourists... which was quite a task. As Nicole was snapping my pics, thick black clouds started to roll in (see image  right) and suddenly, our grand plans for beautiful bright shots began to look a little gloomy. What happened next is what I can as pure serendipity - as someone who usually works solely with natural light, a thunder cloud can do some serious damage to the brightness of the image but this time it works in our favour. Hope you have a chance to check out the pictures we shot for Gary Pepper - which will go up tomorrow. Perhaps my new favourite shoot... Thanks Nicole for being a babe and thanks Paris for being so perfect!!

dress, Mango

bra, Topshop

shoes, And Other Stories

chain bracelet, Amber Sceats