I'm blue (if I was green I would die).

In the last 12 months I've spent alot of time living out of a suitcase... alot. Meaning most of the time my trustie Samsonite has been my closest companion. Thus - I've newly resolved to invest in more classic pieces...  maybe more neutral pieces, like black, white and tan. You can't fill a suitcase with random colours and patterns because you can't mix and match everything. Hooray for my new black trench by Ruby See's All! It's made from Tencil - do you remember back in the 90's when you could buy wide leg Tencil jeans in all these crazy colours? My mum had a fluoro yellow pair. Fun times.

tencil trench and collar, Ruby Sees All

tee, Limited Edition Bassike from David Jones

jeans, American Apparel

heels, Wittner

bracelet, Diamond Angle Dot