She's Camille

Camille freezing her tata's off so I could take some pics of her in this incredble Sportmax number...

So exhausted right now, having to edit 36 images for a campaign I shot last week and so I'm in the office on a Saturday afternoon - the day before I'm due to fly out to Europe for at least a month and I haven't even packed yet... Still!  I've been doing my absolute darndest to post everyday - and though I've slipped a little this week i'm going to try and get a few happening for ya'll. Luckily I've had these pics of gorgeous babe and friend Camille on ice for a little while waiting to share... and speaking of ice, props to this girl for rocking this little slip of a dress in what felt like sub zero temperatures. Ahhh London feels so long ago now! Here's hoping I get the chance to pop across the drink and hang out with Camille and Sandra again.

dress, Sportmax

tote bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim

shoes, Stella McCartney