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Hang times with Mango

More pics from the Mango Event I attended in Barcelona - and I'm writing this from my hotel balcony in stunning, sunny Ibiza kind of wondering... how on earth did I end up here? It was perhaps a year ago, I was sitting at home, plugging away at my blog - posting if I could be bothered - and admiring the lifestyle and glamour of those bloggers who I've followed for years. You know the girls - that get invited to events - that instagram from all four corners of the globe - whose voices reach and affect millions. Somehow I scored a ticket on that train! And here I am - in Spain - after having been invited to this incredible experience with 4 other bloggers who are really some of the best and most influential in the business. WOW. I say I wonder how I got here but I know its thanks to my perseverance with photography and keen idea to collaborate and shoot other bloggers that brought new attention to what I was doing (I've been blogging for around 5 years now). Obviously the person who is responsible for my having the chance to get involved in this is YOU, dear reader.... and I know so many of you have indeed been around those 5 whole years... and its been quite an evolution. Couldn't really thank you enough other than to say - I want to share as much as I can with you because I couldn't be more grateful for this experience. It's actually hard work - but a labour of love.  You guys are the best!!

Anyway enough of my drooling... Back to this Mango Experience - and again I'd have to the say the highlight for all five of us, that is Nicole, Jules, Gala and Sabrina - was bringing along one of reader/instafollowers. I got to select fellow blogger and new friend/sistafromanothamista Rebecca from the blog Raspberry & Rouge  and most awesomely - I'll have the chance to catch up with her again once I land my ass in Amsterdam later next month - new blogger collab coming up! Currently learning dutch too - so I'm trying to grab as many dutch friends as I can so to practise as much as possible. Have always felt a bit lacking only knowing the one language so my new goal in life is to speak 3 maybe even 4 languages. Quite tricky to pick up later in life but perseverance and practise is key.

Reposting my video here because I could speak more about my time in Barcelona... but this footage really says it all.