Barca Breeze

I'm living out of a suitcase for the next month aka - you're gonna get sick of this jacket.

pics, Nicole Warne 

Flashback now - to what feels like worlds away, an outfit snapped a few short days ago in not so sunny Barcelona. Pretty simple combo and practical, maxi skirt, white tee, suede jacket and sandals - but I'm trying to document even my more basic ensembles because we can't be super fancy pants every day.  This suede jacket from Mango is going to be a life saver over the next few weeks... I was in Europe around this time last year and boy was it sooooo much warmer. I really didn't pack for cooler climes. Though its approaching winter down under actually been warmer in Sydney! Thankfully, now that Nicole and I are residing in Menorca (see insta) we are catching up on a hell of alot more sunshine... and in two days time we will be in Ibiza - where predictions call for shoot worthy days all round. Whoop!

Would also like to add here that I straightened my hair - any thoughts? I've usually into the unruly vibe cos it suits my whacky personality (yeah I'm a bit of a weirdo sometimes  all the time) and my concern when is that when I straighten it, since its short... I look like Hilary Clinton.

jacket and skirt, Mango

tee, Topshop

shoes, CMG

clutch, Nomadic

earrings, Gorjana