The Aje Girl

The ethereal Aje show at MBFWA

Last year's Aje show was a complete surprise for me - to be perfectly honest I didn't know I whole load about the brand - and their shipwreck themed collection was one of the most impressive I'd seen, particularly because of the sheer amount of labour invested and quality evident in each garment. I was intrigued by what direction designers Adrian Norris and Edwina Robinson would take this year and its clear to me that this girl has evolved to one with a romantic heart - still edgy - but more feminine. I guess I could go on about my impressions of the collection but I always feel like I don't know what I'm on about when I talk deeply on fashion.... Whenever I look at a collection my first ideas evolve from what editorial I would create with the clothes. So, I'm dreaming of a prairie by the sea - a sweet new romance - maybe a picnic in a field. Someone give me a team lets go shoot!!!

Thanks so much to the team at Aje for having me along to show.

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