That 70's Girl

Retro Baby!!!

pics, Margaret Zhang

When I first eyed these pants and top in the Essentiel lookbook - I knew it was a tick off my list of 'what to wear at fashion week'. I love comfortable dressing - and these trousers are so cosy I feel like I could probably have a sleep in them. It's been so long now I can't really remember what day I wore this... maybe day 3? Meh, not really relevant... but my bag! Its my new favourite item - I picked it up my MyWardrobe - and its by a newer London designer called Kzeniya. As far as fancy designer handbags go it's definitely in the lower echelon of prices - but the quality is great and I've had so many comments since. You can see a close up of it in my last streetstyle post - worn by someone else. I actually really like it when you spot someone wearing the same thing as you - its cute! I particularly love when two people have matching or complimentary outfits in streetstyle. Margs and I got snapped by Tommy Ton on this day for - see the pics here on Studded Hearts - it's so cute the way our patterns compliment each other. Totally unplanned I assure you!

pants and tops, Essentiel

sunglasses, Lookmatic

bag, Kzeniya 

earrings, Elke Kramer