Pyjama Rama

Pyjamas on the street for the win!

Perhaps my favourite outfit I've worn in recent times on my blog - I am soooo in love with this silk shirt /short combo from Equipment its probably the best thing I own. There's a special element here - I'm wearing an outfit that feels like pyjamas and yet also feels chic enough to be worn to a nice dinner AND THEN makes you feel comfortable enough to order dessert at said dinner.

I actually wore this outfit over the weekend but have automated this post because not so many people read blogs over that time and I really want you all to see how great this little set is! I'm going to wear it for the rest of Aussie summer.... but now that I consider that idea I realise I've only got a few weeks left of it... Can't wait to go overseas again! Do you think I could wear this with tights and boots for a winter look?

floral pyjama two-set, Equipment

shoes, Wittner

backpack, Rachael Ruddick

sunglasses, Ray Ban

earrings and necklace, Gorjana