Tokyo Grunge

Presenting my second editorial exclusive, Tokyo Grunge. I'm definitely counting my lucky stars to have worked with hair and make-up artist Sina Velke and stylist Sue-Ann San on this shoot...

New FELLT Exclusive!

Could the hair and make-up be any cooler? Thanks so much to Sina Velke for taking the chance to work with me - she's crazy talented! I really can't get enough of that fluoro hair. Please come back to Sydney Sina so we can work together again?!

Model Ines English is a girl who I've had my sights set on working with for its seems the longest time and have consistantly had to cancel working with her due to bad weather. She's got that 90's look I love, reminds me a little of Karen Mulder.

And of course once again I'm working with my friend and stylist Sue-Ann San - I love everything she does, this girl is a constant source of inspiration to me!

Photography: Me :)

Styling and Creative Direction: Sue-Ann San

Hair and Make-up:  Sina Velke

Model: Ines @ Chic Management

1. Dress Sara Phillips, Belt Friend of Mine

2. Jumper Amy Kaehne 

3. Jumper Amy KaehneCuffs  The Stylists OwnSkirt  The Stylists Own, Heels Gstar

4. Bodysuit  Stella McCartney,  Shirt Stylestalker, Shorts Friend of Mine, Choker The Stylists Own

5. Studded Shirt Stylists OwnCuffs The Stylists Own, Cuffs The Stylists Own, Skirt Stylestalker, Shoes Isabel Marant

6. Beanie Vintage, Bodysuit Stylestalker, Jeans and Heels Gstar, Cuffs and Choker The Stylists Own

7. Studded Shirt and Cuffs The Stylists Own

8. Shirt Sara Phillips, Shorts Citizens of Humanity, Shirt Stylestalker, Cuffs The Stylists Own

9. Suede Jacket B Store, Bodysuit Stylestalker, Belt Friend of Mine, Cuffs The Stylists Own 

10. Jacket Gstar, Dress Stylestalker, Belt Friend of Mine, Cuffs The Stylists Own